12 Ekim 2010 Salı

symphatizer feeling as one another

she leaves him she leaves him
as a gardencave s winds mean

then let herself to cover
with dust of his breath
smells gave his taste
before a drink 'cold ocean^
she looked at promised land
behind the poison weeds of dark dares
all these hesitate s
because of a memory
it was raining and bloody
witches whispered a magic
gains came with hunting
and than pains
were they draining
or dropping her finger tip
they had shot her soul
while she was bird green and singing as a tree
lying with a mountain
her sleep faces with not all her flesh and skeleton only
to catch a mouthful bite
of his floating cloud
to inspire his child rolling eyes
as a slave and hipnotically
to lick heart of blossom
let her look up to your heaven
shut eyes
listen to long grasses' waving
lost in a forest of our distance
bad's innocense while we are melting

ıf it was just a fruit or forbidden for us

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