23 Ocak 2011 Pazar

leoleo toytay =code spells spy unicorn

for within the company of my peers
l was not of want for much
whenever you were among their company
with different size in creatures
with uncountable contacts of their feathers
they are all readily available and
of wanting you
as much as you are in need of them
to see your own shadow or how becaming only a shadow
a story before its stolen
while create your body beating in a key note
some of them are believe that
it is only a bloody heart waving
egypt fire burns while they all on trying
to see without eye
than breaking the silence born
we sleep under the same sky
lay me down on your leaves as your deep
everlasting space is breathing
laughing cigars puffed in slow bright in a corner
as there is never anyone without in their hands
and water flowed like a golden niagara form
of the bottle to crashing over the rocks in the tumbler
and dissapearing
into the abyys of the mouth
this is a place ,a feverland on a dancing tree
if it is only there
magnetic needles always show
singing whales could be free

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